Solid objects losing faces during destructible mesh

i am developing a road pack and im losing faces on solid objects that i want to make destrucible basically if its on the same z as another face but are seaperated yet enclosed it will remove faces and leave the rest solid and crumbled


This type of thing is actually not a bug with PhysX destruction, but simply a limitation of the system. You can only use a single mesh when fracturing an object. Everything needs to be a contiguous mesh.

Holes can appear in your mesh for the following reasons:

  • Not having a contiguous mesh
  • No open faces. must be a closed mesh
  • Extremely long thin triangles
  • N-sided polygons
  • Planar assets.

Destructibles need to be three dimensions to work properly.

My suggestion would be to sign up for PhysXLabs for free and download here:

When you open PhysXLabs go to menu > Help > PhysXLabs Help > then in the left panel select the tab for “Destruction Authoring with PhysXLabs.” > then the section labeled “How to Prep Your Mesh for Destruction” will give you all the ins and outs of making destructibles.

The holes in the destructible is one of the main topics covered:

The information contained in that help document should help you understand what is needed to develop destruction meshes.

I hope this helps. :slight_smile:


thank a lot Tim, i did not know this. very helpfull