Solid object?

So i am making a low p[loy game and it is treating my newly imported asset as a solid object when ever I put my char inside the building he gets stuck in mid air camera bugs out. And he also can’t even enter and as you can see there is plenty of space inside the building and the doorway is wide enough. This is an fbx model if that matters.

check your collision settings maybe?

Thank you! but do you know what the settings should be? I’m haveing difficulty figuring it out

The best thing would be to make a custom collision mesh. But for now to get you going, you go into the mesh editor and change collision setting to “use complex as simple.” This is not the best approach because every face of the mesh will check for collision each tick. So unless you are walking on the ceiling it’s wasted resources.
See if that works.

IM on the newest version and i don’t see any settings like that but i will look into the custom collision thing

I have included a picture here. Double click on your mesh in content browser. This will open mesh editor. on the right by default will be the details panel. scroll down till you see “static mesh settings” and change “collision complexity” from “default” to “use complex as simple.” It should still be in the same place in 4.14 as it has been for at least 4.8
In this example I have a room with several doorways. It has many faces for vertex painting but I enabled the show collision flag so you can see the purple lines in the mesh is the collision following each face in the mesh. Yours will look different depending on the topology of your mesh.

Thank you I looked into the custom one and with my model that will be a lot of work. But I now know how so thank you and I will use this for now thank you for going out of your way to help me!! I appreciate it :slight_smile: