Hey guys! I’m currently working on a solarsystem scene for a game i’d like to make. My goal is to make it as physically accurate as possible, while still being visually appealing.

As of right now I have a blueprint powering the orbits of the planets, unfortunately the blueprint doesn’t support eliptical orbits;/ I have a skysphere and some planets that I’m happy with. I also have a rudimentary sun, which consists of a sphere with a texture that is slightly transparent and very emissive, as well as a point light which is INSANELY bright (Emissive doesn’t dynamically light the planets orbiting).

What I would like to do for the future:
-Code a planetary atmosphere shader in hlsl, that includes Mie and Rayleigh scattering. (I’m too stubborn and too curious about how to do it to just buy it off of the marketplace…)
-Create spaceparticles that are present throughout the scene ( possibly using niagara)
-Create an array of asteroids, so that I can have asteroid belts for some of the planets.
-Create some spiral galaxies made of starclusters and spacedust, to spicen up the background.
-Make some dust(or gas)clouds that are present throughout the scene.
-Create a more advanced sun with particle effects and hopefully solar flares and stuff.
-Make a blueprint or write a piece of code that would support eliptical orbits.

Well this is going to be a lot of work: I’ll keep you posted on my progress!

Note: All assets are not based on any one real world object.

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