Solar Panels

This kind of mod is beyond my skills, but it was just too good of an idea to ignore. So yeah, solar panels. Limitless energy. Should be expensive, crystal, pearls, etc. But make it happen!

Would also need batteries :slight_smile:

Ha, I had the same idea too and got the dev kit to try and make them but know nothing about making mods for the unreal engine.
I am still trying to figure out what is possible with the dev kit as the last mods I did were back in the days of Quake.

For the logic I was thinking the simplest way would be that solar only creates power during the day.
For powering at night I was going to see if possible to set a generator to auto start if no power from other source.
I was also thinking about doing wind turbines too but though the animated model would be a little too complex for my first mod.

TBH i wouldnt even bother with a animation for a turbine a simple graph telling the prop/Blades part to spin Clockwise on Loop while it is powered would be easier.

Thanks for the ideas! I will try them all! :smiley:

I haven’t gotten in to play with the dev kit yet but I bet their is a way you can fetch the sky conditions and alter the output based on rain, fog or even shadow. This is why batteries would be critical to the system. It would suck to have fridges that only run for 3 hours a day because of your awesome location in the shadow of a cliff.

Im just throwing it just from top off my head but making a Refrence to the Weather Component for the level would prob be able to tell the turbine the conditions altering the speed outcome of the blades. Really good thinking there philosage. Even the time of day prob comes from the Component that Handles the Weather.

When the bps are open this is an idea i had already thought through

  1. activate on command
  2. run command on basis (time of day)

the problem is i basically need a battery and to rewrite the power to be able to implement power storage :frowning:

Battery is basicly just a Float Varible, Blades Speed + a XX Timer x Batterys Current Life should be able to give you the effect of higher winds = more speed making more power into the battery have the Float Reduced by things using the batery with Objects Power Req +Timers / Batterys current Level.(Havnt done it myself yet but thinking off the top of my head i came to that conclusion So yeh feel free to go from that idea.)
(EDIT : half of it is already built into the power system if you have a dig through some of the BPs for Power structure you will notice they already have a section for how much power they use ect.)

Planning something similar for my mod but want to use wind mills / water mills as a source since its a primitive based mod.

Obviously with windmills, wind speed is how you could measure/base output but I don’t think wind speed is incorporated into the game is it?

With watermills you would basically need to make sure the structure is in water. I could see issues with this as well.

Thoughts anyone?

Found a cool science based read that explains how electricity would totally be possible in the medieval age without modern equipment and want to try replicating the process.

i had worked on something similar a wave energy generator but i got stucked there since the waves was maded as a texture and not a function

I liked the idea of this when I saw it on the game suggestions threads… instead of messing with the generator at all… cause best not to mess with original stuff so every update doesn’t break your mod… do like some of these said “batteries” work it like the water things… day light fills the batteries… and night drain battery at x amount/hr which means to power through the night you would have to have x number of batteries and being they are expensive you might still have to use gens for awhile but eventually completely replace the need for gasoline. and if you wanted to go a step farther you could make the panels only generate x power/hr each so to charge the batteries to full 100/100 (100 is 1 hr of night power) you need 2 panels per battery… just an idea.

i have looked into alot of this and will be doing it as soon as the graphs are open cause as much as i can guess how it works each game is configured differently if i work it out before others as normal ill throw up a tutorial <3

a few of the ideas i have like this for a reference :slight_smile:

Solar Panel
Voltage system
Tesla Tower

Edit: shouldnt this be in support?

Battery is what i have been looking into as well as custom switches ect to trigger activation/decativation. Still have not found any reference to the pin system yet though? not sure if any one else has.

I donno if your still trying to figure out the battery thing… but… you could do it the same as the water tap.

instead of a glass jar, it would be a battery. Placing the battery into the item would charge the battery in the same way the tap fills the glass jar, just don’t make it instant, give it a crafting delay. Then in the Event area, add a variable for the time of day, do a little math to see if its day or night, when its day, toggle the item to a “off” state, this will stop it from being able to craft anything (i.e. like the furnace works with wood), then when day comes, have it switch itself back on, use a tick counter to make it repeat the check but not every second, keep the server lag down.

Just some thoughts on it, if you haven’t figured out how to go about it yet.