Software tools for rapid development

So, I’m looking at building a fairly big game, and while I know that this is an undertaking, I would like to finish it within my lifetime :wink:

Marketplaces notwithstanding, I was wondering what tools or plugins you guys would recommend? I currently have/use:

  • 3dsMax 2013
  • World Machine Pro
  • FL Studio 10, Audition, & FMod Studio
  • Substance Painter/Designer and Bitmap2Material 2
  • Photoshop, After-Effects, Premiere

What I am looking at currently are the following programs/plugins:

  • Daz3d Studio & Dev license… or Poser Pro Game Dev? : Character Generation
  • Unwrella, UVPacker, and BonesPro for 3dsMax
  • AlienSkin Blowup 3
  • Lys: HDRI creation

So, any advice, concerns, or additions you would like to add?

I like this attitude! :smiley:

Want to recommend UVLayout, it’s a great time savior!
Old school UI, but beast at what it doing.

Also Zbrush is really cool for quick mesh prototyping(Especially when you have modeling background and you know what to avoid, how many polygons you want to have and so on)

This one looks like a must have tool.

Ah, yea… I’ve got Articy: Draft as well. I was hoping for something a bit more… I dunno. I was thinking about designing my own Game Design Document template-style thing using VB and SQLite

Xray Unwrap for 3DS Max is pretty neat. Almost as good as Roadkill, but it’s actually not buggy as hell and still works within 3ds.