Software to generate variation of anime characters?


I just started to look into my own models for a UE project; and I did realize that I do not have neither the skills nor the ability to learn 3d from scratch.

So my solution is to look for a software that does what I need; which is to generate variations of anime characters in 3d. I did check various applications, but so far I can’t find anything that fits my needs. Ideally I would like something like the cell shaded characters you see in games like one piece musou, the naruto shippuuden fighting series and so on.
My ideal application use the same standard model, one for male and one for female; and has a library of elements you can add on (hair, clothes and so on); then you export and import in UE; already rigged and ready to be animated.

I don’t necessarily need anything specific; I found a ton of 2d flash apps that create characters; and I was disappointed to not find anything like that, but that generate a 3d rigged model.

I did check daz studio; they have some 3d models of anime style characters, but I can’t seem to understand how do you export in a format usable in UE; including the skeleton(if that is even legally allowed).
I did check also iClone, but there is the same issue as in Daz Studio.
Tried with Fuse, but their models are realistic, and not fitting my anime style requirements.
Last but not least, found a software called manga studio 5; which has something similar to what I want (anime characters, you can change clothes, expressions and hairstyle), but sadly has very limited variations and you cannot export the 3d model; only images.

At this point I am clueless about how to go by; I assume someone did make something similar to what I need; but maybe I do not know where to look for? I have purchased some 3d models here and there; but every time takes me ages to modify them, and every time I do so, I have to rig it again and takes forever with my beginner skills; so I hope there is a faster solution to create anime style characters.

Thanks in advance for any info you may give :slight_smile: