Software to create 2d, 3d, models, and to able to imported to UE4?

Hi there, so I am new to this whole graphic designing, 3D model type thing.

I would like to know if there is any good software out that that creates 3D models and lets me import it into UE4 to put into a scene?

I am not sure how this whole process works of creating an object and then being able to place that object into UE4.

It would help me if you guys can help provide links to software that does such things as mentioned above and for those who are much more experienced in game programming can you please describe the process in how I would accomplish this.

  1. Make 3D/2D object
  2. Make/Add textures and colors to the object
  3. Import it to UE4
  4. Add behaviors and functions to the object. Like to make it talk.

Please if there is a forum topic or something that I could follow to accomplish these goals I would very appreciate it. And to clarify, I’m asking HOW to do it. Like Create 3D object using this_____ software. Color it and such using this ____ software. Import it to UE4. Do this ____ to code the object etc. I’m not sure how the process works so any clarification would help!!! Thanks!

welcome to the forum and UE4:)

there are quite a few good programs for modelling such as 3DS max/maya/blender…ect, I use blender as its free and works well but if you have the money the others are also good, check this thread for more free apps for content creation.

1 and 2 can be done with the software in the thread I linked but we cant tell you how to create models/textures without knowing 2 things, 1:which program you decide to use as they all have slightly different workflows(they all have tutorials though so its easy to get going), 2:exactly what you are trying to model as there are a few different workflows for certain types of models(eg:cars and people are made in slightly different ways).

you cant do 3 until you have some understanding of the content creation pipeline to make your own models or buy models but there are instructions in the UE4 documentation(link at the top of the forum) explaining how to import all the different types of assets you need to make a game.

for 4 you need to programme the object using either C++ or blueprints, you should take a look through the documentation for good explanations on how to do that.

you also might want to check out the Unreal engine youtube channel, it has quite a few tutorials and stuff.

hope that helps:)

Thank you so much , it really does help! I have looked up some tutorials and will definitely keep trying to learn and familiarize myself with this whole game development concept. Thanks!!