Software Engineer - Game/VR Development (Stockholm, Sweden)

Hey all,
We’re looking for a software engineer with focus on Game/VR Development with Unreal. At Gleechi we want to enable humans to interact naturally with the digital world. We are a Stockholm-based startup coming from robotics research and the first in the world (at least we think so :slight_smile: ) to enable artificial hand movement and interaction in real-time. We got some really cool projects going on with everything from collaborations with world-leading game and VR developers, to making it possible for stroke patients to interact with virtual worlds. We’re a small team with awarded entrepreneurs, top-ranked robotics researchers and experienced developers. We got a ridiculously exciting time ahead and we’d love to get more awesome people onboard!

We’re looking for someone to:

  • Take full responsibility for leading development of stunning VR experiences with Unreal.
  • Help build and improve the first software to enable full interaction in VR, having an opportunity to shape one of the fastest growing markets in the world.
  • Develop solutions ranging from VR games to VR-based stroke rehabilitation that has the potential to significantly improve people’s lives all over the world.

Its great if you have:

  • Expertise in programming for game engine APIs such as Unity 5 (C#) or Unreal 4 (C++).
  • Experience working in a fast-paced agile environment including a fast moving, complex code base.
  • Experience or curiosity in 3D animation software (e.g. Maya, MotionBuilder, Blender, Houdini, etc) and animation technologies (like IK/FK systems, blend trees, character animation systems, etc).
  • Technical knowledge of 3D math and computer graphics.

Have a look at our website, and if you’re interested send me an email on [EMAIL=“”]