Software Engineer/CTO for media VR company

This a comprehensive virtual reality live performance application that with fully virtualize the presence of being at any concert, wwe match, comedy show, etc. The consumer will be able to use their headset to go to any venue around the world to view the show in full.

  • Photogrammetry venue capture
  • AR feature tools within vr application
  • social audio and chat with hyper realistic avatar (volumetric capture)

Company Name
Lusic LLC

Team Structure

Kavon Hunter (CEO)
Business Development Executive - 1 year
Managing IPO Fund Director - 2 years

Paris Favors (CMO)
Marketing Team Lead - 2 years
Retail Sales Lead Consultant - 4 years

Talent Required
Software Engineer (1)

  • Proficiency with ue4 data integration with high quality 360 video stitching
  • Knowledge of photogrammetry integration within virtual reality
  • Spatial audio intelligence
  • AR feature knowledge using game engine for vr tools
  • Volumetric capture knowledge (BONUS)
  • Social VR integration ability (BONUS)