Software Developer looking for Hobby Project

Hi all,

I’m a Mid-Level Software Developer looking for a Hobby Project in Unreal. My skill set in the Unreal Engine is pretty limited but I have a solid understanding of C++ and a myriad of other langues/frameworks. I work quite a bit with Unity and a little with Unreal for my job. I want to use this opportunity to learn Unreal while creating something, hopefully with your team.

If interested, please respond with a link to a description or video of your game with its scope.

I can also forward my resume to interested parties on request.

Add me on Discord: Fabulous Hotdog#3959

Can you add me on discord? Nathan Naz#6191

Hey buddy, hit me up

Let me know if you are interested…

If your interested in working with Gameplay tags I would love to have your help. I have several marketplace assets merged already.

LeroyAW Donaldson@]Gmail .com

Im guessing this post is dead but.

We’re always looking for more people to help and assist in our project :slight_smile:

My personal contact -