Softimage to UE4 - FBX import failed, want to know why

Hi all,

I’m doing some tests with UE4 using Autodesk Softimage to export my character into UE4.

The process is still the same as shown in my tutorials in the signature.

Unfortunately looks like when I try to import my skeletal mesh I have a generic error ( well, import failed ) and seems that UE4 doesn’t like my rig, so I would like to know if there is a way to know why I can’t import my skeletal mesh into UE4.
Do I need to look at the rig hierarchy in Maya? or there is a quick way to know whats wrong?



Quick question, do you have the latest FBX plugin and/or standalone converter from Autodesk? They can be downloaded from the Autodesk website. Here is the Autodesk USA link

Hi David, thanks for the reply

No, I’m using the FBX within Softimage 2013 ( not sure right now which version, but should be 2013 release ), no standalone converter.
If I remember correctly the 2015 FBX plugin ( for Maya and others ) doesn’t work very well with UE4, is that right?

most common problem being multiple root bones, never used Softimage but a screen shot of the rig and of the error might help pin point the problem

Maybe this helps!

Also: “import meshes in Bony Hirachy” has to be checked under advanced…

Make sure that when you export from SoftImage that your FBX version is 2013 7.3 (not 2014 or other) and that you have ASCII Format checked

It’s also best to select everything you want to export then check Selection only on export to make sure you arent exporting any nulls or camera which can sometimes cause problems