Softimage to Maya modeling frustrations

Is it me, or does it seem that the Softimage modeling tools are far easier and faster to use than Maya. Here are some examples of key commands I use for the majority of my modeling tasks:

Add Polygons
“N” Add Polygon Tool - Select one edge and then another and they automatically bridge together. This works for both quads and triangles. You can visually see how the combine before you commit.

Move/Combine Geometry
“M” Move Component Tool - Mouse Down on either a polygon, edge or point, and move around. Mouse up lets you select another. Toggling a button in the GUI allows you to merge geometry just by dragging it onto another, so drag a point onto another merges them.

Add Edges
“” Add Edge Tool - Click one point and then another to add an edge. Click anywhere on an edge to add a point and then click on another edge or point to add an edge between those.

Raycast Edge Select Tool
“I” Allows you to “paint” to select edges. Double-clicking on an edge selects a loop. Clicking on one edge and shift-clicking on another further down model selects the edges in-between.

Raycast Polygon Select Tool
“U” Same as the raycast edge, but for polygons.

**Extrude **
Using the Raycast options above, click CTRL+D to duplicate a polygon or edge, then use the move, scale, rotate tools to change the location. Double-click and edge or polygon to select the loop, and duplicate that as well.

I’m relatively new to Maya, but I did spend some time seeing if Maya had something similar. The only similar tool I found is Target Weld. Everything else seems to take a few clicks to achieve the same results, or you have to bring up the Marking Menu frequently. Ideally I would love to only use Maya since I’m using Epic’s ART, but I always seem to find myself going back to Softimage for modeling.

I would love to hear suggestions of shortcuts to do the tasks I outlined above!