Soft Surface Modeler for UE4 Horror Project

Sonder Games

We’re looking for a dedicated Soft Surface Modeler that can bring our concepts to life.
Our team of 9 includes a wide variety of talent, a 70 page non-linear narrative and amazing Character Concepts by Zack Dunn and Environmental Concepts by HybridGothica

Inspiration for this project is from P.T., Layers of Fear, Visage, The Stanley Parable, SOMA, and Amnesia.

Compensation is based around a rev-share model, however the studio has a substantial startup fund to cover development costs, advertising, fees, etc. We work through Skype off a loosely based SCRUM model and most of the other members of the team have their own part-time jobs.

If you need to see gameplay footage let us now and we’ll send some videos your way.

Anyone interested in this position should feel free to message us on the e-mail provided with a link showcasing your most relevant work.

Development Screenshots:

SonderGames, I have sent an Email with attachments so please check your spam:D