Soft references "disappearing"

Hi everyone I’m having a problem with the soft references in version 4.18.3.

Basically, objects in a scene A (soft) reference other objects in a scene B, both scenes in the persistent level. Somehow some of those references gets flipped up and in the editor a small yellow exclamation mark appears near the reference with the following tooltip: “Unloaded reference to Actor ID …] use browse to load level”.

Now, playing the game in the editor is usually fine, but when I actually build an executable those references do not work.

Any idea how to fix that?

Additional info:

  • In the tooltip the reference name is correct except for a seemingly random number at the end, e.g. “TestObject” becomes “TestObject_42”
  • Sometimes the reference gets flipped up also while in the editor and the only solution is to set it up again manually. It’s not clear when the yellow icon comes up, but just having that is not enough to break the reference while playing in the editor, sometimes it does and sometimes it doesn’t.
  • I’m working with blueprints

Thanks in advance