Soft Body Physics? (Simulating floppy objects)

Hi forum!

I’m trying to create a steak in Unreal 4 that I want to have flop around and be soft and squishy. I’m sure there must be some sort of physics simulation I can use to pull this effect off.

I’ve seen the famous Meat Cube for Unreal 3: so I know it existed! But does it exist now, in Unreal 4?

So, a pretty simple question: I have a static mesh without bones and I want it to deform using simulated physics as if it were a floppy object, like character ragdolls do, but preferably without the need of using bones to achieve this.

Is it possible?

Thank you,


This is outside my expertise but this might be of interest to you: VICODynamics: a particle based Soft-Body physics Plugin - Released Projects - Unreal Engine Forums