Soft-Body Characters (skin elastic simulation)

I have a question about the soft areas on the body of the character. Is there a way to make the modular character with varying degrees of elasticity of the skin in different parts of the body? It would be amazing. Maybe there are some lessons or free project. I would use flex soft body physics. It is simply amazing technology. For example: unite the body of a character and separate flex body object. But how to do that? Sorry of my English. I used a translator.

From my understanding, soft bodies are difficult for game engines to process quickly in real time.
Jiggle physics (like breasts and stomachs) is usually a bone that’s affect by physics.

That said, you can pre-render the softbodies in mondelling program, capture the data, and export to UE4, but doing that on the fly is not happening.

Depends on what this is for. Generally in games you dont need overly high res soft body collisions (unless you are doing a porn game, huheuheuhe).
However that leads to the question, is this for simple jiggly stuff? Or do you actually want dynamic softbody collision.
In any case, a few ideas I have:

  1. Use flex, might not be very stable or pretty looking tho, and can require a ton of time to make it look even remotely acceptable.
  2. Use vertex shaders. I remember seeing an example here where some dude made a bunch of balls appear softly colliding with each other using some shader magic.
  3. Use bones or morph targets that are pre-defined for regions and triggered by overlap events with reference points (collision capsules or such)

But in the end it all depends exactly on what you are planning to achieve. This topic is rather broad and can be covered many ways.

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