Sodom: The Next Generation RPG

Hey guys! I am currently developing a game on unreal engine 4 and plan on releasing it on Steam, Windows Store, and eventually next generation consoles. The game is a massive open world RPG will be called Sodom and take place in a land called New Autumn with 5 independent countries:

Olympus: Wealthy, mountainous region with one large city and a few small villages.

Terra: Massive region in Central Sodom with rolling hills and dense forests. Army relies on archery

Shalom: Means hello in Arabic. It is the gateway of the continent and has a beautiful Middle Eastern /Mediterranean Architectural style with a hot desert climate. Large cities near coast and small villages inland. Relies on exotic weapons like curved swords.

Frosthold: very cold region with a Slavic flair, one medium sized city with a bunch of small towns/villages. Relies on magic.

Augustium: Mediterranean climate with a Roman/Greek Architectural style, very coastal with 2 large cities on the coast and a few small towns in land. Mountainous

The game will also feature beautiful photorealistic graphics and no loading times between regions. It is only in concept phase right now and I’ll update you when I have more information to share.

Additional Information:
The game will have NO DRM, will have many chances to try it earlier such as an Alpha and Beta, and it will release in parts.

Book One:

Book Two:

Book Three:

We have no solid release window at this time.

Are you working on that alone? If not, what is your team size?