Sockets to attach weapons sometimes attach invisible weapons


I am using Generic Shooter template as a start of my project.

Everything worked fine for so long, until I started adding sockets to the skeleton.

the sockets work, they are well referenced, everything works fine. but for some reason. SOMETIMES, (not always) the weapons attach to the socket BUT they are invisible, they work perfectly, but the mesh does not appear, I say sometimes, because its a random thing, it might happen at start, or when you die and respawn, or not at all, or every single respawn… it only happens to weapons that are linked to the holster sockets in the spine_01, spine_02 or spine_03.

it does not happen with another sockets, only those, as I said, the weapons work just fine, the only problem is that they spawn invisible on the sockets. Also, it only happens on clients, not on the server.

Also It only started happening when I added different sockets, it seems that the skeleton cant handle that many sockets, It had 6 sockets to begin with, I currently have 14 or 15 on my skeletons… can it be it?