Sockets question

Would sockets work for a character creation system i.e for eyes, scars, nose types etc or am I going about it in the wrong way and if so what would be the right way? Thanks for the help in advance and please be as detailed as possible as I’m still quite new :slight_smile:

Why would you socket the eyes?
You change materials not meshes unless you absolutely have to change meshes.

How would you socket a scar? And how would the socketed scar mesh be allowed to deform along with the body?

No clue lol, have no experience with without stuff like this so I guess I made a jump with knowing about sockets :sweat_smile: but what about hair or beards would it work for that?

Hair and beard depend on how you want to deal with it

Socketing is for non animated meshes.

So if you have eye glasses and you need to have the character put them on, you can’t really expect to just socket them and call it a day.

Likewise, if the hair is bouncy and needs special attention via animations, socketing won’t cut it.

Usually you add the parts as separate meshes that share the same skeleton and are correctly weight painted (particularly the beard) and you use MasterPoseComponent to get things to animate correctly.

This does have a larger memory/performance footprint vs socketing.
But it is usually a necessity for most things.

Now, obviously if you are working with Lego characters, you can just socket everything.
What you do depends vastly on application.

Last but not least. You can probably at least try to use the new groom system.
Performance sucks. A lot.
But it does seem like each hair strand is automatically weighted against the underlying mesh

That means that you can make a beard that properly animates in seconds. Instead of spending better part of a week weight painting hair cards…

Thanks a bunch for all the help :slight_smile:

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