Sockets not at right location in blended animation. What to do?

Hey guys,

I’ve got this weapon mesh I’ve attached to my character mesh via a socket. The character mesh is a typical lower body/upper body setup using layered blends by bone and an aim offset. For whatever reason, my weapon is snapping to the position the socket would be in if only the lower body animation was being played, instead of the final blended position. Does anybody know what’s up with that? I haven’t run into this before, and I’m stumped. I’m using 4.25.

Never seen it before. The socket is linked to the bone yes?
if your arm is in the correct position so should the socket.

I’m using .25 and I don’t see this issue.
could be part of your setup maybe? Share some screenshots of what you think is relevant…

Whoops I probably should have done that to begin with >< I can’t attach an mp4, so here’s a link to the file on my google drive: halp.mp4 - Google Drive

The socket is linked to the hand bone, yes. You can see this in the attached screenshot. For what it’s worth, I’m using the Rifle Animset Pro pack for my animations, and this bone came already set up (though I added the socket)

In the video I show two animations - a reload, and the idle anim that is where the weapon gets placed in game. I then fire up the game, showing both how it doesn’t align with the weapon down animation, or with the blend-spaced ADS animation.

Oh, and while I’m at it, here’s the animation blueprint idle state. It blends between the legs and the torso, and the torso blends between an idle weapon down animation, and an aimed aimoffset animation.

Yea, you have it attached to the wrong socket.
move the socket to the hand, not the IK bone.

oh my lord you are totally right. Thank you for helping me be less dumb, I appreciate it!

It happens to all of us :stuck_out_tongue: