Sockets don't update position on a reimport

When reimporting a mesh with sockets, any socket changes/additions done do not get reimported with the mesh.

  1. Create a sphere and a locator. (I used Maya)
  2. Rename the locator to SOCKET_Whatever and parent it to the sphere
  3. Export then import the sphere into Unreal
  4. View the mesh and the socket location
  5. Go back to Maya and the sphere and move the locator somewhere else
  6. Duplicate it a few times and move those around too.
  7. Export out.
  8. Right click the asset in unreal, click Reimport
  9. View the mesh and socket locations and notice nothing you just did came through.

If this is intended, as the sockets can be manipulated in Unreal, can we get an option somewhere to reimport from file and stomp whatever changes are there?

Hey NigelWeir_Torus,

I’ve reproduced the issue and entered UE-38195. Thanks for reporting this.