Sockets don't flip axis on import from Y up Maya

Sockets parented to a mesh do not change their Axis type on import from Maya 2016. This is regardless of me setting either Y up or Z up in the FBX export settings. The mesh that the locators are parented to seem to come in just fine.

Repro Steps:

  1. Have Maya set to Y up.
  2. Create a plane in Maya (I used 2016 Extension 2)
  3. Create a locator and rename it to Socket_Whatever
  4. Snap the locator to a corner of the plane.
  5. Duplicate and snap locators to the other corners.
  6. Export out via FBX, with either Y up or Z up as the axis conversion type.
  7. Import into Unreal ( I used 4.13)
  8. Open the mesh in the mesh viewer and turn on socket viewing.
  9. Notice the sockets are vertical rather than at the plane’s corners.

Hey NigelWeir_Torus,

I’m having issues reproducing this. It seems to be importing as expected for me in 4.13. Can you send me the fbx you’re using?

Sure. Here’s two, one with FBX set to Z up, another to Y up. Both are newly made today and show same behaviour.

Y Up: Dropbox - File Deleted
Z Up: Dropbox - File Deleted - Simplify your life

Ahhh, it looks like it only happens when you have the locators parented to the mesh in Maya. As a workaround, you can try unparenting them and it should import as expected.

I’ve entered UE-38284 for this issue though.