Sockets and Static Mesh


Ok, so I have a blueprint object (cube) with separate static meshes for faces. Each static mesh has a socket called “face” so I can reference the center of each face of the cube.

I’m using the attached blueprint snippet to just test the location of the sockets, and every single object returns the same value… which means it is not finding the sockets.

That blueprint is part of the parent class, and the next screenshot is the hierarchy of the child class object. Each of those Static Meshes under “Faces” is one of the static meshes that have a socket assigned. The static mesh was edited to add the socket and put it right in the center of the face, facing the appropriate way.

Any ideas why it’s not finding those sockets?

When a socket is not found, it should return the world location of the component. So, if it’s returning the same location for all components then they must have the same location. Do they?

Use “Does Socket Exist” to check if there’s a problem in finding the socket.

Sorry for the delay, life is crazy right now :slight_smile:

I actually had to go back into Blender and set the origin properly, and now they are returning different locations. This is great.

I used this to check and it was returned true! Now I’m onto my next issue. Thanks!