Socket Weapon Hands Problem

My game is a FPS. i have the arms and the weapon seperate. i am using the arms as my character mesh in my character blueprint. i have already figuered out how to get the gun to sit in my players hand, but i have two questions:

  1. how do i get the fingers to wrap around the gun?
  2. how do i make it so that when i fire, it plays the animation to move the hands AND the gun (due to recoil)
  1. Take a look at the IK system:

How does that help me at all? it seems that that has mainly to do with large scale animations, not fingers.

  1. That’s exactly what you are looking for, because it’s a common technique to do such stuff (e.g fingers to a trigger, hand around weapon, feet on the ground), but you could also fit it in your 3d program -> you will have to reimport it several times (for every weapon you will have to do that).

So how exactly would i do it? can you give me some kind of guidance or direction as for what to do?