Socket questions (Location/Rotation)

Is it just me, or there’s something not working about sockets in the Editor? According to the documentation, I could:

  • permanently attach a mesh to a socket in Persona
  • use Socket Snapping in the Editor to attach (and position/orient) a mesh to a socket
  • use the context menu to do the above thing

…but it seems I can only get it to work via Blueprint (in Level Blueprint and/or regular Graph)

Meshes dragged and dropped in Persona just appear as Preview Only (so, there’s no “permanent attachment”…). Also, using Socket Snapping or context menu → Attach to will just attach the Actor to the character’s BP, but not position/orient it to the socket like it happens via Blueprint.

Am I missing something?

Any models used to snap in Persona are just for Persona and don’t reflect actual permanent placement. It allows the animator to quickly change out weapons or attachments quickly for tests, nothing to do with the game itself.

The auto alignment of the attachment to the socket is based off of the attachment root alignment. So it will rotate the root alignment of the attachment to match the orientation of the socket.

I always make sure my attachments are aligned correctly to the bones they attach too before importing into the game. Maybe thats not the answer you are looking for, but maybe it gives more insight! =)

Well, for starters, I’d like to know if you can achieve what’s described in the documentation; if not, is it outdated/not working correctly? I could really use some Socket Snapping in the Editor! :smiley: