Socket Problem

Ok Working on a Mesh, but something unexpected happened, I added a Socket so I can connect a sword I made, when from some reason the Socket is larger then the Player model! Then I added the sword to find out it too is larger then the player model. I try to seize it to the model but after it gets to a point both the sword and socket vanish. Is there a way to fix this? LOL Please let me know and thank you? And Here is a picture of what I am talking about.

That is pretty damn funny man. You should see my first attempt at socketing a weapon on a 2D character it went about as well as yours did here only with lots of other issues.

Best advice I have is review a couple more socket tutorials to try to figure out where it went wrong. Did you spawn the actor to the socket or was the object already within the world space? The 3D socket tutorial I saw had the object already spawned into the world and when it needed to be socketed it “snapped” the object to the socket. If you do it that way you can scale the sword to the right value first then shove it under the floor or in an out of the way out of sight location until it is needed. If you spawned it directly to the socket without first bringing it into the world it may have spawned in with the wrong scale and you might need to tell it the scaling values at spawn time but this is a poor way to handle it I think.

So far have been looking for a tutorial have not found much.I will keep looking so far I see I have redone this model, and even imported a different model to be it but I see it is still having the same problem of the socket being to large.

I’m beginning to wonder if their is a setting that is set to be to large a size for this. I don’t know Thank you for your help though. If anyone can let me know another thing please let me know.