Socket on Pawn?

So I made a spaceship, got it moving around, and now I’m ready to shoot something. I thought while I was making the ship that I would add weapons to sockets, so that I could change out the weapons at will.

I figured out how to add sockets to a static mesh, but those sockets don’t seem to stay on the static mesh once I add it to the pawn blueprint. They don’t appear, and there seems no way to add sockets on a pawn. I’m sure there must be someway to make this all happen, but I can’t figure it out. No luck finding a video on the subject either.

Is it possible to add sockets to a pawn? Is it possible to have the sockets I added to the static mesh show up when I add that static mesh to a pawn blueprint? How is this done?


sockets wont be visible anywhere outside the static mesh editor itself.

I understand that the socket won’t be physically visible. I meant visible as in showing up under the socket setting inside the blueprint. I did figure that out though. When I hit the magnifying glass the socket shows up.


Another question, if you don’t mind.

So, I can add a static mesh to a socket now, but can I add an actor blueprint? So if I make an actor blueprint of weapons, like one for rocket launcher and another for plasma cannons and so on, can I attach those to my ship in a socket?

I think I could do this by just adding a static mesh, and then putting all the functionality for each and every weapon in the ship pawn blueprint. This doesn’t seem like the best way to go. I’d like to have an actor blueprint for each weapon type, and then attach those to the ship. Is this possible?


Ofc u can, there’s node called attach actor to component which also gives u the option to attach it to a socket.

Much appreciated!

Parenting matters.

If you place the weapon as a child of the space ship mesh you should see a “socket” option you can select.

And yes it does lead to pretty huge hierarchies when you start socketing items to other items to other items…