Socket not staying attached (or so it seems)

Hi guys!

I am seeking help trying to figure out how to make one mesh stay connected to another mesh on the same BluePrint Actor using a Socket
Now, I have successfully gotten my mesh to connect to the Socket on the other mesh however it will not stay connected. I will explain. I also have attached screen shots. In my scenario, I have created a Blueprint Actor that has a chain and a block above the chain. See image 1 for a picture of this. And I will mention that the chain and block are both Skeletal Meshes.
The block in the picture has a Socket on it that my chain will connect to when I press “T” on my keyboard. See image 2 for my Actor Blueprint. Now this works, when I press T the chain connects to the block however it does not appear to stay connected. It falls immediately to the ground. I made this video to show you what I mean:

I need the chain to stay attached. Any way to keep it from dropping to the ground?

Image 1.jpg

Image 2.jpg

Bump. Anyone?

Any idea anyone?

Don’t use a deprecated node, it will get removed in the future.

Thank you. What would I use then?

I don’t know, maybe attach to parent, but I am not sure as I have never used this function myself.

You can use AttachToComponent, it still supports SocketName input though I found it was more useful to create my own custom SceneComponent that would spawn and attach the actor to itself.

You can then just place many of these custom SceneComponents via the blueprint editor.

(For your case you’re probably best off just sticking to Sockets)

You are correct and it is now working. I am now experiencing some physics issues from it though, but that would be a topic for another post. Thank you everyone who replied.