Socket isnt following animations please help

As stated in the title, my socket for my weapon isnt following animations (check photo below). Whenever I attach component to my actor it attaches but when I aim offset up or down, it doesnt follow. It follows pitch though. It also doesnt follow animation inside of the animationBP as shown in the photo. Please help me resolve this issue as in the past ive attached weapons to my characters before and ive had no problems. This is the first time im running into this.

Also, my weapon doesn’t go into the socket, it’ll look just like the image in real game.

Note: I use C++ but i dont think this is a C++ issue, I believe this is an engine issue. I never experienced this until after upgrading to UE4 4.25.3

Can anyone help?

Usually when this happens your socket isn’t attached to the correct bone.

For the default UE4 mannequin i put my socket underneath ik_hand_r. That should be it.

Update, MostHost LA thank you, theres 2 different hands lol. IK_Hand and Hand_R. I did put it in the wrong socket… Weeks on this for nothing LOL lesson learned

Nvm, Mine Wasnt Socketed xD