Socket Error? Blueprint Weapon/Flashlight

Hey guys!
I’m trying to put an flashlight and knife in an socket(hand player), and attach by blueprint, but my flashlight and knife in preview are too big D:
look in the print:


That’s the real size:

How I can fix it?

Sorry for my bad english, I’m brazilian :expressionless:


Feel free with move, rotate and scale asset for get a needed position.
Look this tutorial.

Ty for your reply my friend.
But I can’t active, “scale” I can only use “scale” in “Skeletal Mesh Socket > Relative Scale”. How I can active in the axes?

Again, sorry for my english mistakes :frowning:

It is same thing like in a Editor. Select socket in Skelton Tree and tap Space Bar. This change manipulator type. If after tap Space Bar manipulator not change, simply click on any axis of current manipulator and try again.