Sobel Outlines Material Master

Hello Unreal Engine Community,

i am looking for a Freelancer who write me a Sobel Outline System per Material Master (No inverted hull shader, no post process effect).

I have already a Sobel Outline System per Post Process, so you would only need to transfer the effect.

My Outline Effect has this 3 features: Outline Width, Outline Color, Outline Sensitivity.

For the job, i prepared a sample project, include a character.

The source code of the outline system will only be shared after signing the contract. (Many people contacted me here and just wanted a free code)

Condition for this job:

Contract: I prepared a contract for this little job. Before we would start, you would need to read and sign it.

Deliver Time: 1 Week (Exclude Weekends, there you have free )

Format: Unreal Engine 4.22.3

Price: Fix Price

Payout: Transferwise or Paypal

If you have interest. Please feel free to write me a private message and tell me your price :slight_smile:

Note: I am looking for a permanent freelance programmer for the future. Since I have jobs to offer from time to time. I hope that I will find someone suitable here

Job is still open :slight_smile: