SOA CloudsMaker, BP and Custom Material for photorealistic clouds.

The SOA CloudsMaker v.1.0 project will let you create photorealistic skies thanks to a fully customizable material for the new VolumetricCloud Actor (UE4.26). You can define the clouds’ main shape, control the vertical profile, add volumetric details and noises, add natural movements, and control the overall quality. You’ll also find ten presets and many textures to make your new realistic sky!

Here you can find another video example of the clouds presets, screen-captured from the viewport:

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Technical Details


  • 1 Actor Blueprint (SOA_CloudsMaker) to drag&drop in your scene
  • 1 Master material and many material functions (with comments)
  • 1 Default material preset + 10 Material Presets
  • 1 Example map to test your clouds
  • 20+ textures to start