So you want to make a map

Sorry but i have no clue

So say rebaking? What do you mean with that? How to “rebake”? Delete all things and add new (except the landscape)?


@Vertebrat : Nah, just want to learn to make the map while waiting for you :confused: nothing to do right now anyway (some of the stuff i want to do in the project list is not possible yet)
We need to find a mean to communicate… forum message is just … not good enough (1 message / 2-3 day -.-))
Sorry for wrong topic chat

Cant seem to figure out how to import Tiled into UE4, all tiled coordinate go to center of the map instead of arranging themself
Prob World Machine problem :confused:
Was follow this tutorial : Wolrd Machine to UE4 using World Composition - Content Creation - Unreal Engine Forums
But it’s not working

Im just testing all of the features of map making, but in editing “theisland” ive run into problems in extending the playable area, what do i have to do other than extend the “islandceilingbounds” and “islandwallbounds”? or am i going about this totally wrong

Thank you for any help in advance :slight_smile:

Do you want to extend the landscape or just making sure you can walk further?

extend the landscape:


That is all you have to do, either extend the current landscape to a max of 60x60 or create new landscapes around it and start shaping, you do need to move the barriers around so that players can get to your new land though

Where do we find the Max LODlevel to change it to 1?

A lot of what you are explaining assumes we actually know the dev kit, but in most cases people following this tutorial are learning it likely for the first time, a bit of a revampe to say WHERE these options are found could help.

Hello Everyone,
I’m making a map and followed the tutorial and everything worked except for one thing. When I looked in certain directions the viewport just turned all one color. I did notice that the color was the general color of whatever was in the direction that I was looking in.
If anyone could help me shed some light on this situation that would be much appreciated.

Thanks in Advance,

Only fix i found was cause that i was missing the waterplane or some important setting. So dobble check you have you ocean and its setup correctly.

OHHHH. I didn’t have a waterplane thank you for reminding me to do that.:slight_smile:


My pleasure :slight_smile:

Cant seem to find “Cameraactor1” for the buildmatinee to link it. Not sure if thats the cause for the day/night cycle not working. I can hear the ingame sounds (transition to noon, night) but the lighting doesnt change, stays sort of dark throughout the entire map.

I dont think the camera actor is that important, but everything in the matinee’s needs to be linked aswell as in your bp otherwise it does’nt work

What do you mean aswell as in the blueprint? I did link all the actors inside the matinees though.

Uzumi - this is so awesome that you have taken the time and effort to share your knowledge with us.


No problem, I am sure that after the contest people will stop being so secretive with their work and knowledge and everyone will start sharing like we used to before the contest got announced

Hi Uzumi,

This needs to happen after ‘‘loading’’ and before ‘‘saving as’’ right?

what loading the map?