So you want to learn to mod? Here's a list of youtubers that give some good tutorials

I as am following them all myself to learn to mod, I thought I’d put up my list of youtube tutorials of stuff and things (Sl1pG8r reference CHECK) so you all new to modding have a good setup to learn!

Video Tutorials:
Mystic Academy
The Wookie91
The Stuff
Karrah Marie
King Of Mayhem
Mikie Howard
Brick Whut
AltairWolf (Snap points )
Ark Modding ADK Multiuse and Intro to Graph:
Ark Modding full ADK tutorials:
Some written tutorials or collections:

This was org. a request from me, but the response gave so much info to dig into… it just shows the dedication of the community!!
Tutorials around Graphs
Hoe to make changes through .ini:
StudioWildcard had one up too:!)&highlight=tutorial
How to: Radial Menu:

Make a fabricator run on Gas or Electric:
ARK Modding, Useful for Graph Snippets, resources and more:
Wiki site maintained by modders in the community:

This is just some of the great tutorials out there … that will help you get started, or even get more advanced for some!
As I am only in the babystageof learning myself ( not easy for an old git like me to learn new tricks ) I find these ones extremely valuable…
It’s needed to share this, so all you people with a willingly heart to learn modding can do so!!!

Is there any tutorials that you feel will fill this even more? Link below, and I will add them to the list!!!
Is there anything missing, that you can’t seem to find … add a question about it … join the modding community Discord Channel … There is so many talented people here, it’s always people willing to help, and share their ways!!

At this point, Thank you all modders out there who have shared your knowledge, your videos and your written tutorials!! Keep them coming, one will never be to old to learn, nor ever know to much!!

I hope someone make an in depth tutorial of using the Graphs … like adding things to the radial menu … switching between fuel or power in the radial, reading different states in the game and so on!

yay im on the list :slight_smile:

You are doing a great job man! Keep it up! Looking forward to more from you ( btw, read the comments on your E17 :smiley: ) … also it seem your source download is missing files from your rex among others…

I’ll just go ahead and bookmark this thread right now. Cheers!

i havnt updated source since i built island

Wiki maintained by modders from the discord:
Collection of useful graph snippets, resources and forum post:

Tutorial on the radial menu:
I will probably need to update it with the new features in the latest devkit version but the basics should still be the same.

Cheers people! List has been updated! Keep 'em coming…

I followed your tut on the radial … but got lost when I tried to figure out how to actually make the radial do changes that I wanted lol!! I got the menus up in the radial … but only one … and it didn’t even changed anything for me lol!! Much to learn … much to learn!

Thread has been updated with more links!

Can we make this a sticky? Great resource, keep the updates coming!

Would be great to have it sticky… would help alot of new modders, me included…

I’ve got a Snap Point down and dirty Video out there. It is short and will get you started.

Gimme the link mate, and I’ll add it to the list

I believe this is it.

Also here’s the first episode of for ADK Multiuse and Intro to Graph
ADK New Structure and Beginners Setup
Id suggest moving them both under Video Tutorials, as someone brand new to all this, these were by far the most informative and easy to follow. Its pretty clear hanging out in the Discord for a few days Jslay really knows his **** really hoping he puts out some more videos.

Yes, that one is it.

Fixed people! Thanks

Don’t know how you want to add them, a link for each or 1 for all but there are now 7 videos & more coming on the ArkModding Youtube channel.
This is a direct link to all 7 ARK Modding - YouTube

Thanks P0k3r … I’ve added his playlist aswell…