So you assign the player controller....

So you assign the player controller in the blueprint of the GameMode / gameInfo , what if i want to do it from code ? just like in UE3 you used to do with default properties.

Neongho you should read through all my Wiki tutorials !

You’d answer a lot of your questions that way :slight_smile:

I have tutorial on your exact question here:

UE4 Wiki Link: Linking Game Mode to Player Controller Class

Yeah i just found out the third person blueprint one, i guess that , that can give me the fundamentals , because i got to add my game mode , even override some functions and try stuff , but when i assigned my pawn , nothing moved or anything.

I don’t know what function to touch in order that it moves, or why it doesen’t move, i guess that your tuts will help definitively.

Thanks your post definitively helps :slight_smile: