So where do i start?!

So i am a complete 0 level noob here who wants to get to level 9^x of game development at some point in life. But at the moment i am confused about how do you start modelling an object to use inside your UE4 project. I mean i know how to import it but say if i want to show a hot air balloon inside my game, where do i begin? Do i start at some other software such as blender or Maya to make a 3d model of it? Or can i just take an image of a hot air balloon and just convert it into a 3d model using some software? Do i need to do rigging on the hot air balloon after that (even though i just want it to go up) or do i need to create a mesh out of it (i get meshes are skins but am not completely sure about it).

Anyways can you guys point me out on what are the first steps that i need to do to get my basic materials ready that i will be using for game development?

Start off using a modeling program like maya, 3ds max or wings 3d(easy to use)

model your hot air ballon. then if you want it to be animated make some animations like the ballon filling up and rising etc.
once you know how to model or animate what things you can do then import it. make a new blueprint for it. add movement components etc. start with watching a few videos on how to model using a 3d application. youtube is full of thousands.

start by doing this tutorial below so you get an idea how the systems work etc…

Thank you so much for your reply. So after modeling can i animate using UE4 tools or use some other software for animation?

use maya or max. i dont know a free application for doing animations other than blender and i cant stand blender.

Hi Jyashi, You do the modeling, animation and most other things inside the 3d modeling software (like 3ds max, maya etc) There is a lot to learn, Im still picking stuff up about 3ds max and I’ve been doing it for 10 years+.

Most important thing is to be patient. It will likely take you a while before you can do anything that you will deem and really good but stick at it and it will come.

Good luck.

Just came back here to say that its going to be 2022 soon and i am still here staying strong with it and actually released 2 mobile apps this year using Unreal.

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