So... what's a player CHARACTER class?

I understand the controller, it handles inputs and drives the player pawn it possesses, etc.
I get the pawn, spawnable visible aspect of the player, etc.

But what does the player character hold/drive? I’ve been searching docs and forums here and there with no luck and I’m throwing in the towel. I feel like I missed something really obvious.


Hi Dana,

The ACharacter class is a kind of pawn that has a skeletal mesh and ‘humanoid’ locomotion (walking, swimming, jumping, etc…). It’s just a kind of pawn that adds a skeletal component and a character movement component, along with associated code to deal with them.

Michael Noland

a character is a type of pawn, just with special movement for walking and stuff

Thank you both!

Wait, I’ve been struggling a little here too with trying to make a bot with a custom character BP. My “Move To” commands don’t seem to trigger, so when you say “character movement” do you mean it’s own walking animation or do you mean both the animation and actual movement around the playfield?

I’m sure I’m doing something wrong in my BP movement tests, but it’s sometimes nice to know for certain if it should work or if I need to somehow tie a controller BP to the character BP…which, still trying to figure that one out.