So what to do when the links to customer support aren't working ?

I’m in a bit of a tight spot here, since I went ahead to cancel my subscription a few days ago, yet today my account was actually charge anyway - I obviously went ahead to the support page, where you then have to click some sort of email link, only problem is, that nothing actually happens when I do click that link, meaning I can’t contact customer support.

Not sure where I otherwise should have put this post, so I went ahead to put it here.

Must admit just having a direct email link, instead of a link which apparently doesn’t work would have been more preferable.

Hi Zion,

Do you mean the links on this page: Visit Unreal Engine Support for Help and Customer Service - Unreal Engine ? You can contact us at or if those are not working. Please let me know if this helps

Yes exactly :slight_smile:

So it’s been a week now, and I haven’t heard the slightest in any form at all :confused:

Checking into this for you Zoin!

Zoin, I just checked our ticketing system and we don’t see anything with your user name or email address. Did you use another email account? If you did, please PM me and let me know what it is. Thank you!

We’ll also reach out to you on the email you subscribed with.

No I used the same email address as I have registered for my account.

I also replied directly to the email which has been sent to me - Hopefully that works :slight_smile:

We’ll take care of you, thank you! Please message me if you have any issues.