So what does the merge sprite button even do

so I am making a game and am trying to make some stuff run better and when I click on multiple sprites I realized there was this button. Upon clicking said button nothing seemed to change, just wondering what this does and if this would help the game run better or anything

Hi there @chacoolboy !

I see that you are currently making a game and want to know more about the Merge Sprites button. I admire your curiosity! Here is a link discussing merging sprites:

Perhaps the conversation at this link will give you some valuable insight. I hope this helps you in determining if this option will work for you! Good luck on your project, and don’t forget to share some awesome screenshots or video with us!

Thank you! Just one thing that I wasn’t able to get from that, when I press this button while highlighting six sprites it doesn’t seem to do anything. How do I figure out if sprites are merged or am I doing something wrong

Hello @chacoolboy ,

Ideally, some game devs use the Merge Sprites button to improve performance if there are a lot of sprites developed for their games. Since you are in the process of creating your game, how many sprites do you currently have? Which version of the Unreal Engine are you using? Have you tried restarting your game and playing it after merging sprites?