So UE4 is now free...

…But have they drop that stupid limitation that didn’t allow you to bundle Unrealed with your game? The only about giving it only to “valid Unreal licensee”? Because I’m very tempted to port my game from Unity over to Unreal, but since I want my game to be as moddable as possible (and I suck at making things like level editors), this limitation prevents me from doing so.

Since the unreal editor requires you to log in with an account - I don’t see how you can really ‘bundle’ it in. But can’t you just as easily point players to the official website to get it themselves, now that it’s free?


Actually I didn’t think about modded versions of the editor and the like - so yea you’d want to be able to bundle it. But Tim Sweeney answered it in another pose:


Check out the last few (most recent) posts here:

Most importantly is a EULA change, and this from Tim Sweeney:

Nice. Since I’m not good with C++, any idea/patch on how to remove account login? I want to preserve all the power that comes with the editor, while not require users to login with epic account (though if it fails, I can still make an explanation on how to make Epic account in modding guide I guess).

I want players to be able to make darn total conversion if they like, so I don’t want to strip any power out.l

Also, it looks like the restriction is still here: EULA - Unreal Engine (section 1.a):

So I guess no Unreal for my project :(. kthxbye