So "pick actor from scene tool" doesn't work for me why??

So I’m following through DT tutorial on blueprints.
Here in the end, I selected the monitor blue print and using the pick actor function onto the Alarm light mesh, but I get invalid cursor.
Please help.

the variable and the object must be the same type

Have you actually clicked on it? I’ve had a couple of times where I’ve gotten that cursor and yet it still let me click on the actor.
If it doesn’t work, make sure the types match. If I’m not too specific about what I want, I just use actor as the type and then you can select anything.
The other thing I’ve encountered is in streaming levels the “master” actor must be in the same level as the actor you’re selecting.

Please Im new to UE4, what does it mean by the variable and the object must be the same type, and how do I check it??

Okay I got it working, i had two types of alarm lights the one from tutorial and the one I created, i jumbled them up for some reason.
Thank you guys for clearing things up.

Objects also must be placed in the same streaming level.