So now im here..

Hello there!
I haven’t been a part of an online community for a long time.

I used to make maps with Hammer mainly for and Counterstrike, I also got good at modding for morrowind and oblivion. I used to make some maps for starcraft and warcraft 3. I also made a little game using rpgmaker xp and went around posting links for people to download it for free.
I played with Zbrush and blender never really very deeply because this was the high school hobby and i started working and eventually sold my computer blah blah…

Its been about 5 years since highschool and i found that unreal engine is free so im thinking this could be a good way to get back into making stuff and maybe even a game.
Ive installed blender, sculptris, got the unreal engine so far.

I figured i would introduce myself to the community and see if anyone has any tips for someone starting out.