So much for VR ready...Why the heck don't attached (child) Actors have their own collision?

Apparently if you attach an actor to a socket all of the its collision information gets ignored. From what I have read no sweeps are performed on child actors.

Like WTF? My entire idea revolves around manually reloading a gun in VR. I need the gun, attached to a hand, and the magazine, attached to another hand, to collide with each other. But as soon as I attach anything to a hand their collision stops working.

Does anyone know a blueprint work around, fix or has a dev post saying they will add a feature that is 100% required for VR.

For those that say it is unimportant.

How would you attach a baseball bat to a hand and let it hit, well, anything?

Unity allows this, maybe that is why most VR projects are on Unity?

If you want multiple actors to be joined together with their own physics, you will need to attach them via physics constraints.

You should then be able to create a trigger around the mag-well of your weapon that detects when a magazine is present etc.
This is no different to examples you may have seen that have physical firearm interactions.