So many meshes in this asset - is it wrong?


I obtained a series of assets but I’m doubting how much “game engine ready” these really are.

See the pictures; This gun looks pretty well designed (image 1) until you grab the mesh… oh wait, is there two? Three meshes? Ok, that’s a total of 53 “prims” (primitives, I suppose - meshes, I guess).

I’m still quite novice at 3D design, but it seems to me that “as little meshes as possible” sounds like a good rule. The model I split here has one material per mesh, so importing this in Unreal for instance creates so many materials it raised an eyebrow.

Is this acceptable? If not, how wrong is it?

Moreover, when importing this into Unreal, it looks all black - different topic (lightmaps missing I guess, but that escapes me right now)…