So many animation problems! Retargeting not working PLEASE READ!

Every time I try to retarget the Mannequin animation for a skeleton that came from All bones seem to all scale to 0 and transform to 0 or something and the output log window starts spouting this:

LogUnrealMath:Error: FMatrix::InverseFast(), trying to invert a NIL matrix, this results in NaNs! Use Inverse() instead.

here is the FBX file HERE

I have lost days of work with this issue if anyone know please help me.

ok let me shed some light on this and hopfully someone will shed some light on this. The characters were created in max for a game in unity. wich used 1unit=1 meter unreal and maya default to 1 unit = 1CM. so they while 2 meter and 200cm are the same what max is doing when you change it is making the character that was 2M is now 2CM. And then to fix it it take the root of the biped and scaled it to 100. well That is fin and dandy except that unreal retargeting doesn’t seem to take that into account. I have even tried not translating the root bone. That doesn’t work either for some reason.

Is there a way to only translate rotational values? I mean is really all that is needed for animation anyway.

I see that people are taking character from all over the place and converting them into working in unreal with the retargeter so can someone tell me what is the work around here.