So, I've been Hacked.

As the title suggests i’ve been hacked yesterday.
Something, thats usually not a big deal, is in fact one, because of the way epic games handles account security.
The first problem i see here is, that if you make a purchase ingame via Paypal, the next time it wont request your password for another purchase.
You’ve gotta unlink your Paypal account in order to be safe, in case someone gets access to your account.
Second Problem, if you change your password (i did it multiple times), the hacker will still remain with access to your account, unless he logs out of the launcher.
I tried this myself. I logged myself in on the launcher, closed the launcher, changed my password, and guess what, still logged in.
In this case, your only hope to get rid of the hacker, is that he will log out eventually, which isnt likely to happen.
Now we get to the third problem (we got a bunch here right), it would be a neat idea to change your e-mail adress, wouldn’t it?
But guess again, you apparently cannot change it without the help of the customer support. Regarding the way their launcher works, im not even sure,
that with a new e-Mail and new password the hacker will lose his access to your account.
Pretty damn retarded don’t you think so?

You (Epic Games) have got millions of players, maybe you should spend way more time to ensure and retrieve account security, instead of throwing out new skins like every hour.

Actually your description of your problem and your discoveries may help Epic track down the hacker better. I’m passing this on to another thread.