So it's about the error thing, The application was unable to start correctly (0xc000007b). Click OK to close the application

Ok so i’ve seen the long posts about the error and how to fix it but i still have problems i know this was last talked about all the way back in 2014!! but i have problems and i was wondering if any mods can help me please ;(. here is the loglink text

I have experienced this problem before and I think it because of corrupted BP or C++ files. I had changed from ue4.18 to ue4.17 and some of them were corrupted.IDK why they worked on my PC, but it wasn’t working on other pcs.If you still have problems contact me at/

I know this topic has been covered literally 4 years ago but I still could not find a solution if u look in the log and scroll down u can see some have a [ ? ] which means missing file. here are the 2 ones that have that

1: [ ? ] c:\games\unreal engine\launcher\engine\binaries\win64\UNREALENGINELAUNCHER.EXE

2: [ ? ] c:\games\unreal engine\launcher\engine\binaries\win64\UNREALENGINELAUNCHER.EXE Error opening file. The system cannot find the path specified (3).

I also tried to install unity see if its any different guess what same thing.
Like i said before you send me over to the really long post yes i did look at it and i tried most of the solutions still the same thing, now these “missing files” i was thinking if i should reinstall unreal engine maybe that might be the problem. I also know from what i have seen on youtube that this problem is fixed if you go ahead and download an older version but I really think that it would be the last resort kinda thing because i do want to play and design on the newer versions, I would not like to be limited to things. In the mean time I am going to re install this see if it works.

Im using a 64bit version and a windows 7 ultimate 4 gigs of ram, if it worked im pretty sure unreal would run like a piece of cake so i dont think its something to do with my pc just saying

reinstalled unreal engine here is the log seems the same as the other one link text