So is UMG not the correct way to set up a basic touch UI?

I was trying to set up a basic touch interface for android that would just use the left and right 1/3 of the screen for some simple input. Maybe i’m missing something… but no matter what I did with creating new touch interfaces, they were returning crazy values and wanting to act like joysticks no matter what… and there is also the seemingly total lack of a design UI when creating a standard touch interface…and for some reason the HUD class isnt even part of the project either…

So I have had great luck with UMG… just add buttons and make them transparent, then insert logic and done. The thing is, the standard HUD/Input seems completely walled off and you can’t use the mapping etc with a UMG interface. At the same time UMG has some notations in the blueprint functions saying something to the effect that it isnt intended for gameplay.

So is there a performance hit for using UMG buttons for my touch ui? Like it isn’t going to update at the same tick rate compared to the other input methods?