So Im taking the Unreal Classes by Devslopes

Ive been taking the classes online for Unreal by Devslopes and I’m into the segment where he teaches how to import weapons and how to attach muzzle flashes. When I imported the weapon, it appeared as a grey, unrendered weapon and when I got the muzzle flash attached, it also appeared as a grey, unrendered muzzle flash. I imported everything as he said to do in his video yet its still coming in broken. Anyone know how to fix this? I asked a question next to the video itself and even emailed the instructor and I haven’t got a response from anyone in 17 days. Im new here and eager to learn, so please be patient with me.

So anybody got any idea what to do? I could seriously use some help and Im not getting anywhere.

Have you changed display settings in ue? Do your assets have materials in your 3d editing software/are they being imported when you import the mesh? Can you manually create a new material and assign it to the meshes? It might be worth skipping that section just to continue learning amd you might find you come back to it later with more knowledge and fix it yourself.