So, I'm hanging out with Tig Trager and Juice Ortiz this December. So, that's cool.

For a Series Finale party of Sons of Anarchy, dinner, open bar, Q/A session followed by an after party with Kim Coates (Tig) and Theo Rossi (Juice). Only 300 tickets available, snagged those suckers as soon as I got paid.

I always loved SoA… never thought I’d be a part of something like this.

Holy ****ing **** *****.

That is Awesome!! Nice pick up on those tickets SouthernRex. Sons is such amazing show. I was hooked from day one. I can’t believe that there is only 3 more episodes left in the entire series. It should make for one crazy ending.

Oh, I know. The whole show has just been film art from beginning to end. Can’t wait to see the ending.

I seem to find all the tv gems late in life just finished breaking bad last month, and with a empty void left in my soul I found Sons of anarchy to repair it. I finished season six last night and just breaching the first episode of 7 tonight. I am sad to see this post informing me that season 7 is the end guess i need to start searching for a new show to become obsessed with.

Yeah, it was planned from the beginning to be 7 seasons long, is my understanding. The whole show is kind of designed that way, there’s heavy foreshadowing in the show (there is a comment in the second or third episode of Season 1 that foreshadows to season 6.)

I will not be commanded,
I will not be controlled,
I will not let my future go on,
Without the help of my soul

It comes up next week. I’ll take pictures for you guys.

I hope that you got to see last nights episode. Just WOW! Insane.

Yeah, that was freaking nuts. Holy ****.


Was just amazing.

Awesome stuff! My fiancee and I are watching through it all on Netflix now

Did they put the final (Season 7) on Netflix yet?

That is awesome! Wish i could of been there to see them both. Such a great ending to a fantastic show. I doubt the final season is up yet. Well at least for a couple more months.

Ah, true. Yeah, they were really cool, really down to Earth. They talked a while, took a few pictures with us (Tig was like “no no no, take another, just in case”) signed Season 3 for us, all kinds of stuff.

I’ll upload video footage from the Q/A soon. (There’s spoilers in it, just a heads up. Remember, this was an hour before the series finale.)